The project Sweet Home, which we have implemented in partnership with the America House Kyiv has told the rich story of Ukraine-US culinary relations. Which popular 20th century food traditions did Ukrainians learn from their US counterparts? And what traditions did they keep to preserve their national identity?

The project sprang out of research done by Olena Braichenko. Her food studies focused on home cooking traditions which flourished in the past 74 years within the immigrant Ukrainian community as told by Our Life Magazine published by the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA).

The project helped us understand how the food recipes could be used as cultural signals, as they exist within the social context and pre-text which can be carefully derived from the cookery books.


The project included expert lectures which were complimented by cooking classes from master chefs. All of it helps better understand Ukrainian and North American cuisine. 


Project partner:

America House



What do the recipes say: non-culinary tales from cookery books // Nataliia Samruk, Olena Braichenko

Ukrainian cuisine in US: re-invented flavours and traditions // Natalia Samruk, Svitlana Bohdanets

Sweet Home: Анонс спільного проєкту їzhakultura і America House