їzhakultura (food&culture in Ukrainian) is an academic information project devoted to culinary culture. The project aims to developing and popularising food studies in Ukraine. On our website we regularly publish articles on culinary history and current developments in food studies, prepared by experts and academics. This way we aim to preserve and popularise ancient culinary practices, ethnic recipes, regional food practices – all of which are part of Ukraine’s intangible cultural heritage; under the project’s framework we also inform on current developments in the fields related to culinary culture.


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Our Team

Olena Braichenko

Co-founder, project curator

Artem Braichenko


Світлана Богданець

Expert, project manager

Тіна Полек

Менеджерка проєктів

Оксана Юдіна



The їzhakultura Project exists as a multi-disciplinary platform which brings together experts on history, archeologists, sociologists, cultural anthropologists, art critics, linguists, and experts on cultural studies; as well as professional chefs, restaurateurs, and food industry experts. Under the project’s umbrella we organise public lectures, discussions, presentations, and master classes; we also participate in scientific conferences, forums, and festivals. To our partners we provide services which include selection of materials for information and advertising campaigns in the media; provide consulting services on history of Ukrainian ancient food culture, traditional Ukrainian cuisine and produce, ritual dishes, and so on; we also provide assistance on composing personal libraries devoted to food culture. The їzhak Publishing House is part of our project, and it specialises in history of food culture.