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Fluffy thick pancakes is a traditional Ukrainian dish. It’s a popular breakfast recipe. Pancakes are eaten with a helping of smetana, honey, or jam. 

Fluffy pancakes are tall and smooth, they are made with yeast batter or by adding leavening agents like baking soda to the flour. Other ingredients include sour milk, whey or plain water, which are mixed with the flour. Fluffy pancakes are tangy and smooth. Most pancake recipes use wheat flour, even though it’s possible to use buckwheat flour or millet flour. Fluffy and flat buckwheat and millet pancakes were popular back in the day when households used portable milling stones when grinding grains to flour. In the late 1900s pancakes made with ground vegetables, like zucchinis, squash, and carrots are growing in popularity

Pancakes continue to be a popular dish in school canteens and many Ukrainians still associate the dish with the school menu. In some Ukrainian language cook books, the method used to make round and oval shaped pancakes is referred to as “slap and plop”.

Apples is some of the most popular ingredients which are added to pancakes. There are two ways of using the apples – sliced or ground apples are mixed in with the batter or larger chunks of apple are dipped in batter and fried. 


Serves 2
Prep: 15 min
Cook: 10 min


1 egg
 400 g kefir (2.5 % fat)
 50 g sugar
 250 g all-purpose flour 
 3 apples
 1 g salt 
 3 g baking soda
 50 g refined sunflower oil for frying 
 20 g confectionary sugar


Cooking method


Pour the kefir into the bowl, add the baking soda and mix. Leave the mixture to rest for 5 min. Add salt, sugar, egg – mix well and add the flour. Mix well using a whisk till the mixture is thick and smooth.


Peel the apples, remove the core with a special knife or just use a normal knife and slice the apples across into 0.5 cm slices


Pour 1 cm of oil into the pan and use medium heat. Dip each apple slice into the batter and fry in the pan on both sides, repeat 4 times.


Place the pancakes on a paper towel to absorb any access fat. Arrange the pancakes on a plate and sprinkle with confectionary sugar.


What a perfect way to start your day. 



Photo by Oksana Sybydlo