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Hi friends! Another busy week is behind us, so our digest turned out to be eventful. We barely had time to gather all the news. However, if you are a member of the Ukrainian diaspora and have something to tell us, write to And now let’s go!




August 9. 4 Ukrainian establishments were included in the short lists of European establishments from the Restaurant & Bar Awards in the following categories:
• Cafe - anything from a coffee shop to a tea house:
- Fresh Black coffee shop, Kyiv. Design - Loft Buro;
- Greek cuisine restaurant Nikos, Odesa. Design - Belenko Design
• Interior surfaces - how surfaces (walls, ceilings and floors) are combined to create the space of the establishment: Bar-restaurant Deep Bar, Dnipro. Design - YOD Group
• Standalone - an establishment that is not part of the network: the Terra restaurant, which is part of the Emily Resort complex in the city of Vinniki (Lviv region) Design - YOD Group
Restaurant & Bar Awards - design competition for catering establishments. For 14 years, it has celebrated the most creative spaces in the world and the people who create them. The jury includes four dozen specialists who work in the field of design, architecture, hospitality and lifestyle.


August 10. The military rescued and transported the bees from Bakhmut to Cherkasy in an ammunition box. Oleksandr Afanasyev, who was a beekeeper before the war, found a bee colony after another shelling. He took the bee family with him along the front, and so that they could safely get to Cherkasy, he involved volunteers who have been delivering aid to the military. In the frontline cities, bee families remain without owners. The fighter says that after the victory he will go and bring another beehive from Donbas.


August 11. McDonald's restaurants resume to work again in Ukraine. Ukrainian fast food chain establishments will be opened in stages. The first restaurants to resume operations will be in Kyiv and Western Ukraine.
They will be engaged in restoring food supply chains to restaurants, preparing restaurants for customer service, returning restaurant teams and employees to the working environment, and implementing enhanced procedures and protocols to keep our people and customers safe. The exact opening date of the first restaurants is still unknown.
We will remind you that on February 24, 2022, when Russia began a full-scale invasion in Ukraine, the McDonald's company announced the closure of all restaurants in Ukraine until the end of the war. The company continued to pay salaries to more than 10,000 employees.


August 11. It is planned to start salt mining in Zakarpattia. It should fully meet the needs of the country. It is about the Bushyn salt deposit, where it is possible to extract up to 150 thousand tons of salt per month. The deposit will be able to provide 100% of Ukraine's need for technical salt, which will be supplied for road maintenance in the winter period. The first mined salt can be obtained in half a year. Currently, the country's need for technical salt is up to 450,000 tons per season. Engineering works have already started at the facility.
We will remind, that the state-owned enterprise "Artemsil" in the city of Soledar in Donetsk region, which accounted for more than 95% of rock salt production in Ukraine, stopped working in April.


Agricultural topic


August 8. Ukraine launched a campaign about the global food crisis caused by russia. On this site, users will find information about:
• How many people in the world are at risk of starvation or a significant reduction in the quality of food due to Russia's war against Ukraine?
• How is Russia turning food into a weapon, as it has already done with energy carriers?
• What can be done to help Ukraine and spread the truth about the causes of the deepening food crisis in the world?
Infographics, poster designs and stories of Ukrainian farmers who, despite the threat of war, continue their work to feed the world are available for free distribution on the site. The project was implemented by the BRAND UKRAINE organization in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with the financial support of the European Union.

August 8. In the morning, for the first time since February 24, a ship with Ukrainian food left the port "Pivdenny" - the SACURA bulker is headed for Italy. The vessel joined the caravan with the bulk carrier ARIZONA, which departed from the port of Chornomorsk to the Netherlands. 60,000 tons of agricultural products are on board both ships.

August 8. A buyer in Lebanon refused to accept Ukrainian corn from the Razoni ship, which was the first to leave the Ukrainian Black Sea port since the war began. According to the shipper, a buyer in Lebanon refused to accept a shipment of 25,000 tons of corn due to a delivery delay of more than five months. The Ministry of Economy of Lebanon and the UN said that they were not involved in this situation, as the cargo was intended for a private buyer. Currently, the shipper is looking for another buyer.

August 9. Taking into account average prices on the world food market, Ukraine expects to receive at least $20 billion for grain exports. Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy Taras Vysotskyi said this during the All-Ukrainian Marathon. Vysotsky reported that currently Ukraine has dozens of applications from other countries, and this is a confirmation that ship owners and traders believe that the grain agreement will be implemented under international patronage. He added that the three ports of Great Odesa will be able to serve from 80 ships per month, so we are talking about 3-3.5 million tons of products per month. According to the government official, this is a positive signal for the equalization of prices in the domestic market with the condition of covering the cost price, so that farmers can continue operational activities and confidently look to autumn field work.


August 10. Cumulative economic benefits from the unblocking of ports will amount to $5.5 billion, according to optimistic expectations, or 4.5% of GDP - according to a pessimistic forecast from the NBU for 2022, KSE Agrocentr predicts.
The optimistic scenario of the KSE Agrocenter predicts that domestic prices will rise to $100/ton. The export potential of the crop of grain and oil crops in 2021, which "stuck" in Ukraine due to the blocking of ports, is estimated at 20 million tons, and in 2022 - at 35 million tons. Therefore, the additional export of Ukrainian farmers due to the unblocking of ports and the corresponding increase in domestic prices is estimated will amount to $5.5 billion. Most realistically, this entire volume (55 million tons) will be exported during 2022-2023, so the benefits of unblocking ports will be distributed to an additional 1.63% of GDP in 2022 and 2.24% of GDP in 2023 (from the NBU's pessimistic GDP forecast).
Additional export revenue from agricultural products is expected at the level of $14.7 billion, or about 30% of all exports, according to the NBU's pessimistic scenario.


On August 12, a ship loaded with grain for Africa arrived in Ukraine. RAVE COMMANDER under the flag of Liberia will transport food within the framework of the UN World Food Program. On August 13, it began to be loaded with Ukrainian grain (23,000 tons) to be sent to Ethiopia via the port of Djibouti.


August 12. Two more ships with food left Ukrainian ports: SORMOVSKY under the flag of Belize, carrying 3,000 tons of wheat to Turkey, and STAR LAURA under the flag of the Marshall Islands, carrying 60,000 tons of corn to Iran.


August 13. The first ship that entered Ukrainian ports to load agricultural products left the port of Chornomorsk. In the morning, the bulk carrier FULMAR S under the flag of Barbados left for Turkey. The vessel joined a caravan with the bulk carrier THOE. 14.5 thousand tons of agricultural products are on board two ships.
During the implementation of the Initiative on safe transportation of agricultural products, 16 ships have already left Ukrainian ports. 450,000 tons of agricultural products are on board.


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Dry borscht, vegan cabbage rolls: 15 Ukrainian producers of food for the front and beyond
-         "Kolomysky borscht" - the project provides food for 3,500 soldiers every day. On the website, you can order borschts and soups for yourself, as well as "hang" them for the Armed Forces.
-         ЇDLO - the brand specialized in making convenient food for travelers. Currently, meals for hiking have come in handy for the military.
-         In the case of "Yimo Razom" dishes do not need hot water, they are already completely ready for use. If desired, you can only warm it up. Support link in profile header.
-         The loopci - is a project created by three friends. They help rebuild destroyed houses in Chernihiv Oblast and prepare vegan food to send to the front lines. The support link is also in the profile header.