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Hello, friends! Our weekly digest is here. There is a lot of news, especially those related to the "grain agreement". So keep an eye not to miss the most important things. 




1 August. The Ekaterra tea company, which owns the Lipton, Saito and Brooke Bond brands, is ceasing business in Russia. Thus, production in the Russian Federation will stop by the end of 2022, and sales - soon after that.


5 August. The musician Palindrom released the composition "Cafe Nadiya" about an existing establishment in Lviv. "Cafe Nadiya" is an institution from the Soviet Union times. Both the style of the cafe and the menu are reminders of those times. Soviet people never went to a restaurant just to eat. It was a place of status. Despite this, the song, written last autumn as an "advertisement" for a cafe, according to the author, has now acquired new meanings: "about the place of strength, about Hope in each of us". «Pies, coffee, tea, milk, solyanka and borscht, deryny. Boiled egg with cognac. Leave a tip and run! Run on Business. That is my love, that warmed my soul. Do not repair the cafe Nadiya», - the song says.


Agricultural topic


26 July. By state at the end of June, 2022 year Index availability of food products (IDP) decreased on 47% from indicators before the full-scale invasion. The main reason - seasonal increase in the price of a grocery basket:  this year vegetables and fruits are more expensive than one year ago, and the Russian occupation of the Kherson region - one of the main producers of vegetables - made it even more tangible. However, in early July prices have already started to return to normal


28 July. Russian invaders started to export from the occupied East and the South not only wheat but also sunflower seeds. Russian BBC found out, that Russia is stealing from the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region, Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv regions sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. Main theses of the material:
•  According to the occupation authorities, "State Grain Company has been created", which introduced indicative prices not only for grain but also for oil products. However, they did not indicate which state created it - it is not in the registers of Ukraine, and to record it in the registers of Russia means to recognize the occupation of Ukrainian territories legally.
•  The customers for the export of grain claim that the seed was "officially bought" most likely, from the occupation authorities, which before that "nationalized" the agricultural products of state-owned Ukrainian enterprises and the strategic reserve stored in case of war.
•  Usually sunflower seeds are exported to Crimea or to oil extraction plants in Russia. Although there is information that the oil factory in Melitopol is also working. Its owner, according to Ukrainian media, is close to the head of the occupying "military-civilian administration" of the Zaporizhzhia region, Yevgeny Balytskyi, who was accused of treason.
•  In order to sell their products in uncontrolled territories, farmers must register with the "military-civilian administration". Those who did not want to do this (and there were many of them) simply took away everything - both products and equipment.
•  Small and medium-sized farms, that did not leave, were forced to sell their product at 4-4,5 times lower prices. They sell at a loss in order to replenish reserves of working capital for the purchase of diesel fuel and fertilizers. Under such conditions, it makes no sense to sow seeds for the next season. Until our armed forces arrive ;)


As a resultof night attacks of Mykolaiv 31 July died Hero of Ukraine, the owner of grain trading companyNibulonOleksiy Vadaturskiy together with his wife. In 2021 year Forbes rated it his fortune in $430 million, that time he was 24th of the richest Ukrainians. “Nibulon” - one of the largest agricultural companies ofUkraine. 6 July we said goodbye in St. Volodymyr's Cathedral in Kyiv. Patriarch Filaret mourned the couple. Several hundred people came to say goodbye.
One of the versions of the investigation in the case of the death as a result of enemy shelling of the founder ofNibulonthere is premeditated murder, as Attorney General Andriy Kostin reported.


The state of affairs withThe Grain Agreement


1 August. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is considering the possibility of including the Mykolaiv port next in the safe "grain corridor" initiative.
"Soon we will proceed to consultations. We really want to do this (shipment of Ukrainian grain) with Mykolaiv port - it is very important. Due to the fact that hostilities are currently taking place there, this port was not included in the first stage. But we do not forget anything and will work on it", - reported Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov during online-News Marathon on Monday.


On the same day, 1 August in the morning The ship  RAZONI left Odessa under the flag of the Sierra-Leone with 26 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn. For the first time since the beginning of a full scale Russian invasion a grain carrier left the port of Odessa.


In the evening 2 August Turkish Ministry of Defense confirmed the arrival of Razoni. After the inspection, the grain carrier headed for Lebanon
We would like to remind you that according to the agreements, the Coordination Center in Istanbul inspects all vessels going to and from Ukrainian ports. Russia undertook not to attack civilian vessels passing through the special corridor, as well as the ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk, and Pivdenny. Instead, Ukraine is responsible for safe passage in its territorial waters. And the right of any inspections in its ports or water areas remains exclusively with Ukraine.


On the morning of August 5, the first caravan of ships with Ukrainian grain left the ports of Chornomorsk (for the first time) and Odesa. On board three bulk carriers NAVI STAR, ROJEN and POLARNET collectively are 57 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn in the framework of the «grain initiative». 


6 August a bulk carrier has arrivedto the port «Chernomorsk» for loading FULMAR S under the flag of Barbados. This is the first ship to arrive since the full-scale Russian invasion. As noted by the Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov, they plan to reach the level of 3 million tons of transshipment of agricultural products per month. Next week, the largest Ukrainian port "Pivdenny" in the Odesa region should also become operational.


7 August. A second caravan with Ukrainian food left the ports of Odesa and Chornomorsk. 4 bulkers MUSTAFA NECATI, STAR HELENA, GLORY and RIVA WIND there are almost 170,000 tons of agricultural products on board. The ships are heading to the ports of Italy, China and Turkey.


31 July. Lebanon imposed arrest on ship, on which one Russian invaders transported stolen Ukrainian barley and wheat flour. Cargo ship Laodicea, in which the invaders transported Ukrainian flour by weight 10 thousand tons, arrived on 27 July in Tripoli in Northern Lebanon.
Law enforcement agencies of Ukraine proved the involvement of 78 vessels in the illegal transportation of stolen Ukrainian grain. This list also included Laodicea. 


4 August it became known, that the court in Tripoli lifted the seizure of the vesselDespite the provided  evidence, the court did not take into account the position of competent authorities of Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on the Lebanese side to cancel the decision and warn against further attempts to use Lebanon for processing stolen Ukrainian grains. Earlier, the Embassy of Ukraine submitted an offer to the government of Lebanon to purchase stolen grain at discounted prices. The proposal was agreed with the owners of the products in Ukraine




Establishments In Kiev, in which you can "hang it up" food and drinks for the military
•  In Kiev restaurants Honey and «Zavertailo» you can hang coffee and sweets for the Ukrainian military
•  Hanging dinners from Shashlikyan
Hanging pizza from Pizza Veterano (whose co-founder Rafail Agayev was killed in the battles for Mariupol in April)
•  Hanging shawarma from BPSH
"Barsuk" for the military, who are in the hospital
•  Burgers in "Kanapka-Bar"
Coffee for Armed Forces of Ukraine, TRO and doctors in the Coffeeshop «Sens» (card number in P.S.)