On the 2nd of March, 2021 the Ukrainian Institute and їzhakultura project organised a book launch at the Ukraine Media Crisis Centre. The book УКРАЇНА. Їжа та історія/UKRAINE: Food and History is a unique study in culinary diplomacy. 

This is the first edition in Ukrainian and English to focus on the rich variety of Ukrainian cuisine, the country’s regional specialty foods and its unique flavours. 

The book includes food recipes for some of the most popular and unique Ukrainian dishes as well as a compilation of stories and historical accounts on the food culture in Ukraine. The book was developed by a team of leading researches in the field of food studies and professional master-chefs.

The book launch was facilitated by:
• Tetyana Filevska, the Ukrainian Institute Creative Director
• Olena Braichenko, founder of the їzhakultura project, researcher in the field of food studies
• Ihor Lylo, published author, historian, journalist, assistant professor at the Department of Medieval and Byzantine Studies at the Lviv National University

The book is available for download from the їzhakultura website: https://eng.yizhakultura.com/project/11

The book launch was broadcast live on Facebook pages of the Ukraine Media Crisis Centre, Ukrainian Institute, and їzhakultura project.